RAHO THE Z(H)ERO is a parodic manga that intends to mock and hijack all the clichés and codes of a subgenre of Fantasy, the Isekai.


It is in a will to improve myself in narration and drawing for the manga _EXISTΔNCE that I started this project in those specific genres that have the advantage of being easier to master (and that I appreciate as much as Science Fiction).


The great strength of the manga will not be its story, which will not be very clichéd, but on its characters and the tone adopted to situations and tropes very classic genre and bring a wind of freshness has a genre far too codified. With of course, revisiting a genre with a very Japanese culture with a French vision and for a more informed audience.


The kind of humor adopted in the work will be of the same kind as present in the light Novels Konosuba et Curious Hero Comical situations, absurd and black humor, references to pop culture, or misunderstandings.


The target of the manga will be Shonen but will not hesitate to turn away from it from time to time to get closer to the Senein target. Moreover, the manga will not be composed only of comedy and will have its moments of tension and drama as we progress in the work.

Logline :

"   Raho, a young unemployed man from Marseilles, asocial and jaded by life, dies by mistake because of a contract between his sociopathic ex-ass and Satan. In a hurry to prevent his soul from joining Hell and thus resurrecting, he has to mow down fallen souls in vast parallel worlds against his sandstone. "

Tagline :

"  Is life really worth living? "

  • Genre : Comedy-Fantasy ( Isekai)
  • Target: Shonen
  • Team : 1 (Only me)
  • Start : September 2020 (On going)

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