WRATH is a Tactical-RPG in which you embody Koura, an ancient fallen god forgotten by his people who replaced him with other deities. Koura returns from ancient times to unleash his wrath on the people and annihilate the new gods.


     In this game, you control only one character who uses sacred discs to defeat his enemies. The player can throw and recall discs around the character.  The trajectory depends on the skills equipped.


Playing time : 3-4 minutes


DDL URL :   https://vincent-trinel.itch.io/wrath

My missions :

  • Created a concept with the teams
  • Designed the game's systems with the design team
  • Designed a 2.5D levels in both narrative and gameplay aspect
  • Collaborated with programmers on User Interface integration
  • Collaborated with an artist on assets integration in the level and worked on level's readability
  • Organized myself to create a game experience in a very short time (2 weeks)

Gameplay :

  • Genre : Tatical-RPG
  • Support : PC (Windows)
  • Software : Unity
  • Period :  10 Days (March 2020)
  • Team : 12

Credits : 

  • Hadrien Auvray (Game & Systems Designer)
  • Virgile Pauli (Game & IA Designer)
  • Vincent Trinel  (Game & Level Designer)
  • Maxence du Mesnil du Buisson 
  • Alexandre Villiers-Moriame (Chara & Shader Artist)
  • André Rizkallah  (Props & VFX Artist)
  • Estelle Cozot (Environment Artist)
  • Alex Ryan (Props & UI Artist)
  • Léna Loth (Character Animator)
  • Sébastien Butor (Programmer)
  • Sam Arachtingi (Programmer)
  • David Durand (Programmer)