BASEBALL VS SATAN (Wario Ware Mini-Games)

Genre : rhythm mini-game, Support : PC (Windows)

Software : Unity, Period : 2 Month (2019)

Implication :  Game DesignerProgrammer & Level Designer


BASEBALL VS SATAN is a very short rhythm mini-game following the codes of the Wario Ware mini-games in which Wario is the protagonist. The goal is to send back a number of flaming rocks that Satan sends before the allotted time while dodging the big prickly rocks.


My Missions :

  • Create the Concept with Elisa Knopp.
  • Designed and Programs the game systems and User Interface.
  • Designed the projectiles waves in 3 levels of difficulty.
  • Searched, Mixed and Integrated royalty-free sounds.

SUPER BODY MUSIC FIGHTING (Alternative Controller Game)

Genre : 1-on-1 rhythm, Software : Unity, Period : 7 Days (2019)

Support : PC (Windows) + Alternative controller

Implication :  Programmer & Game Designer


Super Body Music Fighting is a Guitar Hero-like rhythm-fighting game for two players. However, instead of a guitar, the players use buttons strapped on their wrists and knees. Your body becomes the controller.


My Missions :

  • Create the Concept with the team 
  • Designed and Programs all User Interface
  • Designed and Programs the game systems

SHADE BOUND (Zelda-like game)

GENRE : Action-Adventure, Support : PC (Windows)

Software : UNITY,  Period : 6 month (2018)

Implication : Game Designer, Programmer & Level Designer


Shade Bound is an Action-adventure inspired by the Zelda-like sub-genre. In a world ravaged by Shadow creatures, the player controls a wanderer who sets out to climb a mountain in search of defeating this evil at its source. The wanderer will have to use his amulet to transform the present into an instance of the past around him.


My Missions :

  • Create the Concept with the team .
  • Designed and Programs the game systems, 3Cs and User Interface.
  • Designed and Integrated a level design with Emilie.
  • Created lot of Graphics Assets for the game.


Genre : Asymmetrical strategic confrontation, Target : Core (+12 years old),

Players : 4 (3 vs 1 Monster), Concept : Evolve x Pinocchio in Board game

Period : 9 month (2017),  Implication :  Game Designer


Project : Behemoth is an Core Asymmetrical strategic confrontation board game in a Jules Vernien Steam-punk universe, where you play as 3 Soldier-treaters who go into the belly of one of their Whale Cyborg in order to annihilate a gigantic infectious parasite that has lodged there. 

Link (French) :


My Missions :

  • Create the Concept with the team .
  • Designed mechanics with the design team.
  • Organized lot of playtests.
  • Prototyped the Board game with cardboard and paper.