Live Adventure Demake

This game was made in 4 days and was a school project. It's a demake of of the big end of study project Live AdventureThis small project helped us to test some ideas and concept through a most simple game prototype.


The goal is to climb to the top of a gigantic tree to retrieve a videotape by controlling 2 characters at the same time: the hero who will be the one to climb and the cameraman who will film it while holding the game's camera. 


Playing time :  6-10 minutes



My missions :

  • Created a concept with the teams.
  • Designed the game's systems with the design team.
  • Designed lot of 2D levels in gameplay aspect.
  • Collaborated with an artist on assets integration in the level.
  • Researched, mixed and integrated a royalty-free sounds.
  • Organized myself to create a game experience in a very short time (4 Days)

Gameplay (without sound):

  • Genre : Platformer 2D
  • Support : PC (Windows)
  • Software : Unity
  • Period :  4 Days (May 2020)
  • Team : 11

Credits : 

  •  Samuel Basset (Game & Level Designer) 
  • Killian Gales (Game Designer)
  • Vincent Trinel  (Game & Level Designer)
  • Maxence du Mesnil du Buisson 
  • Laurène Savary (Concept Artist)
  • Othilie Berger (Animator & Environmental Artist)
  • André Rizkallah (Environmental Artist)
  • Thomas Dupriez (VFX Artist)
  • Alice Fernandez (Character & Environmental Artist)
  • Sébastien Butor (Programmer) 
  • François Noël (Programmer) 

Game Cover