Death Match

In Death March you play as a powerful Necromancer who leaves to take revenge on the humans who locked him in his tomb for several millennia. Our intentions were to make a Light Strategy Game mixed with progression and a feeling of being overpowered.


In addition to offering a gameplay close to a Krosmaga or King Crusher (simple but with an RPG constant and a skill tree system), the game has been designed to have a monetization system if it were to be released on the market (daily reward, several virtual currencies available in PVE and PVP mode, Seasons Box, Guild systems).


Playing time : 10-15 minutes.

DDL URL :   Not possible.

My missions :

  • Created a concept with the team.
  • Concept the Monetization systems of the games with the design team.
  •  Designed and programmed the entire game user interface.
  • Programed several game systems (Save, monster waves, etc...) and assisted the core gameplay Programmer.
  • Integrated all graphics assets of the game.
  • Searched, mixed and integrated all royalty-free sounds of the game.
  • Genre : Tatical-RPG
  • Support : Mobile (IOS / Android)
  • Software : Unity
  • Period : 6 month (2019)
  • Team : 7

Credits : 

  • Louis Pruvost (Game Design)
  • Yann Gosset (Programmer)
  • Maxence du Mesnil du Buisson
  • Guillaume Caisse (Environmental Artist)
  • Pauline Sion (Chara & Concept Artist)
  • Mathieu Mistler (Animator & FX Artist)
  • Raphaël Mister  (Animator & FX Artist)

Game Screens :