Idealized adaptation of the manga "Blame! " manga by Tsutomu Nihei into a contemplative video game. You Play the role of a young Electrofisher-woman with amnesia who has no means of defending herself. Lost in the Megastructure, her only objective is to climb the structure in search of a of the many servers of the Netsphere hidden and downloaded its lost memory. However, many deadly pitfalls will stand in its way such as the Safeguard or Silicon Life. 


The level has been designed to focus on the practice of various contrasts (contrasts of shapes, light or also space).

Gameplay :

Mainly platforming & contemplative game, our heroine does not have a wide range of of action. Its major advantage is the possibility to control the direction of its jumps thanks to its Electrofisher armor. Being unarmed, it cannot fight against its enemies and must therefore dodge them. The collectables found here and there, serve them to tell the story of the Megastructure.


Intentions :

The Player must feel small compared to the gigantic world that surrounds him/her with a desire to always go higher and higher. However, he must understand that nothing is taken for granted and that the structure doesn't give him a gift if he gets too confident. Nevertheless, it is also by the chance that good things happen


Inspiration : 

The majority of my graphic or level design inspirations come from the boards of the manga BLAME! or games inspired by it such as NAISSANCEE.

The waste area is him inspired by the gigantic basements of Portal 2.

  • Genre : Adventure - Platformer
  • Support : PC (Windows)
  • Software : Unreal Engine
  • Period : 1 Week (2020)
  • Team : 1
  • Playing Time : 10 minutes


Design document :